Admission Rules
• Children are admitted to school at the age of two plus.
• Registration and Admission forms are enclosed with the prospectus.
• The registration fee is Rs. 1007-per child.
• Payment of registration fee does not mean a guarantee of admission in to the school.
• Admissions are granted after a written test and a personal inter view with the child and also with the parents.
• If the child is found fit for admission, the school makes a provisional offer for admission which should be accepted within a week from the receipt of the offer.
• The following enclosures must be given within a week of admission.
(i) Birth Certificate
(ii) Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
(iii) The Progress report of the class last passed.
(iv) Passport size photographs.

Attendence, Absence and Re-Admission
• A minimum attendance of 90% of the total working days is required during the working year to enable the child take on the final examination.
• A previous written application for leave must be given in advance. In case of illness and other unforeseen circumstances the guardian should inform the principal, as soon as possible.
• Late comers and absentees from the school will not be admitted to the class without the principloa's signature on the leave note.
• The student whose name has been struck off far absence with out leave for 15 days incontinuation and who has been a habitual late comer, careless or indisciplined may not be re-admitted in the school.
• Every student must be present on the re-opening day after vacation.

Class Work and Home Work
Every student is required to do the allocated class work and Home work regularly. Merits are given to the children doing their class work and Home work daily and these factors are taken into consideration in selecting the best student of the school.
Activities and Sports
Principal Message
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School Prayer
Equipment for use in the laboratories will be issued to students as per rules laid down by each branch.

Every child is expected to contribute to the values & standards of the school by his/her conduct, discipline & commitment to studies.
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